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Moscow Cantata

One of tchaikovsky s great masterpieces, seldom known or performed out of Russia, is the beautiful "Moscow Cantata" comissioned for the coronation of Tsar Alexander III (May 1883) in Moscow. (part I) (part II)

The cantata is written in six movements for soloists (mezzo soprano and baritone) chorus and orchestra.

The composer was pleased to follow the inspired poetry of Apollon Maikov and considered the piece—as the Sixth Symphony later on—one of his best achievements.

Tchaikovsky s choral work is remarkably profound and masterful. The cantata differs from Gretchaninov, Mussorgsky or Rimski-Korsakov choral works in the absence of deep bass voices, but it shines with brilliant harmonies, crescendos, and colorful orchestration.

Alberto Saenz Enriquez

25/05/2011 03:11

Having read this, I bought the cantata from Amazon (sung by the choir of the Moscow Choral Academy, conductor: Andrey Chistyakov) and I agree with you - it's beautiful.

Michael Porter

05/09/2011 17:19

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