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Music at very end of film "The Turning Point"


Someone wrote asking about a piece from the film "The Turning Point," and mentioned incidentally that the very last piece of music, a piano piece filled with lush arpeggios that was played as the concluding credits rolled, was a composition by Tchaikovsky. Unfortunately, the writer didn't include the title of this piano piece.

Might anyone know the title? Thank you

Martha Sachs

Thank you for posting my initial query about the music playing while "The Turning Point" ending credits rolled. On a hunch, I just listened to a selection from the movie (on the IMDB site) and it turns out to be the exact piece I was looking for. The composer was not Tchaikovsky, as had been originally thought, but Chopin -- his beautiful "Etude in A Flat Major Op. 25, No. 1." Mystery solved.



It is not tchaikovsky's. "Etude in A-flat major (Op. 25-1)" by Chopin, called "Aeolian Harp" by Robert Schumann.

Best Regards.

Kamomeno Iwao

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