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A very simple question as usual.

Did T. ever meet/hear Puccini? If so, what were his opinions?

I'd be interested to know.

George Boyd

Tchaikovsky died in 1893. Puccini’s 1st success – Manon Lescaut premiered in 1893. This was his 3rd opera. His first two were Le Vili and Edgar which were not performed outside Milan and have been rarely performed since. Until the success of Manon Puccini was virtually unknown. Therefore I’m sure it is safe to say that T never met – or had even heard of – Puccini.

Joseph Brand

Hello Mr. Boyd,

As far as I know from my readings on Tchaikovsky I never came across any mention of Puccini or his must be said that Puccini's first hit, Manon Lescaut, wasn't performed till 1893...the last year of Tchaikovksy's for Puccini's other great successes La Boheme, La Tosca and Madame Butterfly not to mention Turandot weren't released till 1896, 1900, 1904 and 1926 respectively....however when Puccini heard the Pathetique he was very much taken with it and this piece did influence his style.......but of course Tchaikovsky was dead by might want to look up Puccini and Tchaikovsky to pursue this line of thought....

Best wishes,

Al Gasparo

and we can almost be certain that the Puccini Tchaikovsky would have appreciated the great successes, as he did "Cavalleria" Mascagni's ...Moreover Puccini said: "They accuse me that I only write music

melodic ... I have no trouble admit ... But take the Russian Tchaikovsky ...Its charm lies in its melodies ... "

Antonio Garganese
Prato (Florence)

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