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Tchaikovsky Suite

Hello all!

In the spirit of Respighi’s ‘Rossiniana’, Glazunov’s ‘Chopiniana’ and Tchaikovsky’s own ‘Mozartiana’, I have produced my own tribute work and orchestrated some of Tchaikovsky piano pieces for a suite. I have uploaded the mp3 files for anyone who is interested. Please click on the following link:  

Fred Edwards: Tchaikovsky Suite, Op.37 (2007-8) :

  • I. Valse (Anastasie-Valse, 1854), F major
  • II. Chanson Triste (Chanson triste, Op.40 no.2), G minor
  • III. Scherzo (Scherzo humoristique, Op.19 no.2), D major
  • IV. Romance (Romance, Op.51 no.5), F major
  • V. Theme and Variations (Theme original et variations, Op.19 no.6), F major

It is played using Sibelius software and the Garritan Personal Orchestra.

(hopefully one day I’ll have a REAL orchestra play it...)

I welcome any feedback you might have!

Fred Edwards

Hello Fred!

I really enjoyed listening to your Opus 37. I didn't think I was going to at first, because to my ears there's a disturbing resemblance between certain sections of the opening Valse and the noise made by a calliope on a fairground. But this is quite obviously caused by the limitations of the software you were using, and not by your own orchestration. (Incidentally, a Tchaikovsky piece from 1854? I've never heard anything of his nearly as early as that. I must look for the Anastasie-Valse!)

I think there's a cogency and a logic behind your selection of pieces for your Tchaikovsky Suite, and like all good suites the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Despite the limitations of the software the concluding Theme and Variations sound quite spectacular. I do hope you achieve your wish to have it played by a real orchestra. I would love to hear it.

Your suite is a fascinating and sensitive tribute to a great composer. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to listen to it.

Kindest regards.

Michael Porter.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your very kind remarks about the Suite. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I agree entirely with your perceptive observation of ‘calliope at a fairground’ in the opening Valse. Scoring the brief middle section for horns, trumpets and trombones certainly reinforces that impression. I think I may have veered a little in the direction of Shostakovich’s waltzes there...

As for the original Anastasie-Valse, there is sadly no recording on CD, but there was one LP recording made by Nina Malinina for Melodiya in the early 1970s. You can find this performance posted on YouTube: 

Cedric Tebirghien also recorded the piece for the BBC’s ‘Tchaikovsky Experience’ radio series a few years ago, but this has not been released commercially.

Fred Edwards

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