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Other documentaries on Tchaikovsky and Tchaikovsky / Puccini / Mahler

Does anyone know the quality of this documentary?

Also: this other documentary 

dedicated to Tchaikovsky, Mahler and Puccini, as it has to do with

The director is another but rather are using the shell material from the BBC series of three documentaries detached 1997?


Antonio Garganese
Prato (Florence)

Great Composers - Tchaikovsky [DVD]: Great Composers: Film & TV  

I am not familiar with the first item but as for the other two....the second item consists of a dvd comprising Tchaikovsky, Mahler and Puccini....this series consists of one hour programs on each of those composers....I have the first two and I think they are a good intro to the lives of those composers....put out by BBC they were shown in 1999 on Public Television here in the least they are not the sensationalized versions sometimes seen on Hollywood productions of great composers....

The third item consists of the above in separate formats plus one hour dvds on the lives of four other great composers....they all aired on Public Television in 1999...I remember seeing them at that I remember them they were fine but I think they could have added another expand further on the composers' life and work.

Click on Amazon on the above if interested in purchasing them...they are all available if you scroll down...a search might also show up the one with the three composers on one dvd....

As I mentioned they do a fine job if you are satisfied with a one hour review of the composer and his work...they exemplify the fine work done on BBC.

Al Gasparo

Especially notable, they take you to the various places the composers lived and worked...fine documentaries...speaking of renditions of the lives on composers there was an especially fine mini series on the Life of Verdi coming from the BBC many years ago. This was a fine model for others to pursue but it was not taken up for other in depth study....other than one done on Wagner that was over the top....

Al Gasparo

Dear Al Gasparo!

thanks for your meticulous, careful directions! I knew the BBC documentary on Tchaikovsky (Youtube) and I felt really good.  At least in the UK and U.S. television transmits these movies ...

But (unsurprisingly!) These seven documentaries of 1997 (Great Composers) were co-produced by the BBC and RAI Thematic Channels (Italian TV).


Antonio Garganese

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