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Tchaikovsky and Mascagni

To continue the correlations between the Russian musician and his young colleagues of the time, we all know the appreciation of Tchaikovsky for "Cavalleria Rusticana" by Mascagni, given in Warsaw in the last days of 1891.

Mascagni was a very active conductor, beginning with some suspicion (even for the proposed "bold", then with great success).

One of his favorite composers was  "Peter" ...

The official website of Mascagni:,%20en/  

shows performances of Tchaikovsky's music in these years and places:

1898 (LONDON) 1899 - (LEIPZG) -1901 (ROME) -1901 (ROME) -

1903 (SAN FRANCISCO) -1904 (VENICE) 1905 (PARIS) -1911 (BUENOS AIRES 1924 (ROME) -1931 (FLORENCE).

Mascagni in 1898 gave six concerts at La Scala conducting, among other things, for the first time in Italy the Tchaikovsky Pathetique:

"The Maestro Mascagni - watched the" Corriere della Sera "in the number of 13/14 April 1898 - has undoubtedly the rarest quality of the interpreter and the Director. Each of his new concert there is clear evidence ...".

Years ago one of the current directors and descendants of Mascagni's legacy, he told me about an event passed as a true family. During a train journey where the two musicians traveled both, unbeknownst to each other, Mascagni to your station of arrival was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.

Tchaikovsky inquired who the person was and knew that his namesake was "Peter" he had delivered a note of appreciation.

This event must, however, coincide more precisely with the one told by his brother Modest Tchaikovsky I happened to Vienna in September 1892 stayed in the same hotel where the two musicians.

See in Tchaikovsky Research 

Tchaikovsky inform the person who he was and knew that it was "the other Peter" delivered him a note of appreciation.

The descendants told me that Mascagni had kept jealously kept the ticket but it was lost during the Second World War along with much other material of the family.

The appreciation of Mascagni was to Tchaikovsky, according to the descendants who told me these facts, the observation that Mascagni had testified to that part of the public to its "first" show of Tchaikovsky did not like the "Russian" ...

And Mascagni: "They do not understand anything !!!!".

Anthonio Garganese (Prato, Florence)


Antonio Garganese
Prato (Florence)

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