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Tchaikovsky Edition

Hi everyone, in case some of you are interested, it seems the label Brilliant Classics is going to release its “Tchaikovsky Edition” at the end of September:

Bryan Chahla

01/09/2011 16:42

Thanks! I've already got the Beethoven Edition, and the "Mozart Complete Works", and they are both excellent.

Michael Porter

02/09/2011 08:50

This is a great idea, but it seems to be far from complete: no Vespers, no Cantatas, no Voyevoda (opera), and quite a lot of small piano, chamber, orchestral and vocal pieces are missing that Brilliant Classics obviously haven’t licensed from anywhere yet. At least they stopped short of calling it a ‘Complete Edition’... Also, why the Siloti truncated version of the Second Piano Concerto and no original? Minor quibbles aside, this is great value for money for what you DO get!

Here’s hoping that Melodiya grit their teeth and release their own CD version of a Tchaikovsky Edition. Now THAT would be an interesting issue!

Fred Edwards

04/09/2011 10:20

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