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7th Symphony

Does anyone know exactly what parts of the “7th Symphony” that Tchaikovsky actually composed? I am particularly intrigued by the 2nd movement…parts of it I find hauntingly beautiful…


Bill Hebenstreit

02/09/2011 04:17

According to Tchaikovsky Research only part of the first movement was actually orchestrated by the composer...but the whole symphony was sketched out....Tchaikovsky reworked movements 1,2 and 4 as a piano concerto....finishing only the first movement...the rest being completed by Taneev as Andante and Finale....the second movement is an especially lovely work as you mention...the finale is the weakest....a bit too sketchy....the symphony was reconstructed in the 1950's based on the composer's sketches....the scherzo was turned into the piano piece Scherzo Fantasie by the composer in his set of 18 piano pieces op 72......

AL Gasparo

02/09/2011 15:26

I agree with you. The second movement is first class Tchaikovsky. In this site (  ) there is the following information by Taneev:

"I have copied out from Petr Il’ich’s notebooks sketches for two movements of a future piano piece. To start with I made a clean copy, and then began to orchestrate them. The Andante is delightful, but unfortunately Petr Il'ich did not leave it for orchestra, but arranged it as a piano piece"

This words seems to indicar that the original andante exists as a piano piece but this piece is unknown to me (the Symphony third movement original for piano solo is the Scherzo-fantasie Op 72 No 10).

The theme of the piece for piano "Moment lyrique" is similar to the central section of the andante from the symphony.

Manuel Blanca

02/09/2011 17:59

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