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Ode to Joy cantata

Lately I've been listening to this work (this work was composed in 1865 for the graduation examination at the Saint Petesburg conservatory) and I find it worthy of attention. The third movement, a soloists quartet and a choral lament a cappela, is very beautiful, and the fourth movement, is an allegro full of energy with an end that fades like a echo. In the other movements there is also a fair amount of good music.

In 1890 Petr Jurgenson suggested to Tchaikovsky that the cantata should be published. "I do not want you to print this", the composer replied, "because it is an immature work with no future; moreover, it is set to the text of Schiller’s To Joy. Comparisons with Beethoven would be embarrassing"

Manuel Blanca

02/09/2011 18:32

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