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Svetlanov and The Storm

I was just wondering if Yevgeni Svetlanov ever recorded Tchaikovsky’s early overture The Storm. It appears to be one of the very few gaps in his massive ‘Anthology of Russian Music’.

(The recent Melodiya CD called ‘Tchaikovsky – Forgotten Pages’ lists The Storm on the cover and in the notes, but the Overture in C minor is actually on the disc. Very annoying!)

If anyone could enlighten me, I would be most grateful. And if Svetlanov did record it, could you please tell me the CD (or LP) catalogue number so I can chase down a copy.


Fred Edwards

05/09/2011 07:03

Dear Fred !

As far as I know, Svetlanov never recorded “The storm”.

Instead he recorded the “Overture in C minor” twice in 1968 & 1987.

Kenji Sugiyama

06/09/2011 01:56

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