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About Tchaikovsky Street

Dear friends:

About fifty or more years ago U.S. embassy in Moscow was located in Tchaikovsky Street.

Nowadays I understand it s located elsewhere and Tchaikovsky Street has now another name.

Cuold I have an information?

Alberto Sáenz Enriquez

26/10/2011 15:18

Dear Alberto,

After the end of the Soviet Union, Tchaikovsky Street has been renamed as Novinsky Boulevard. I have been told by a member of Russian's Academy of Science during my visit there in Moscow last week that there are no clear rules or logics behind the renaming of streets in Moscow in the last decade. For example, the name Lubyanka is still used, although this place used to be one of the most feared in Moscow during the Communists' dictatorship (as a matter of fact, the Lubyanka building, which used to be the headquarters of the NKVD and then the KGB, is now used by current Russia's secret police, the FSB). On the other hand, a statue of Charles de Gaulle has been newly erected in front of the Cosmos Hotel, which is a typical hotel from the Communists' era and lies closelly to the (Soviets') space memorial and museum...

As a matter of fact, Tchaikovsky is still very much in favour in contemporary Russia. If you should go to Moscow, you can look for the famous Tchaikovsky Conservatory with its Tchaikovsky statue in front of it. Also, there is a Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (near the metro station Mayakovskaya) with a "Tchaikovsky coffeehouse".

With best regards,

Guido Muehlemann

30/11/2011 07:38

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