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Tchaikovsky sym. 5 metronome marks THANK YOU

This has been driving me crazy since the mid 1970s. The only time the work sounds right is when I heard it in my head. Brett Langston is the only person I found who seems to care about this. The other movements are equally distorted. The mark at the very end of the work is 96 not 72 or 60. I looked forward to Norrington. He let me down. Guido Cantelli comes the closest overall. Would it kill someone to play the work right for once. Look into the other movements as well. You will see the same thing. Markevitch is pretty good until the end of the work. Then he slows to 60 instead of 96.

Laurence Levine

31/10/2011 02:55

Does that mean that the last time we heard the 5th Symphony performed as closely to that which Tchaikovsky would have recognised, was way back in 1966, by Markevitch and the LSO?

Isn`t it time, we had a new, Tchaikovskyite (sorry for that) version, instead of the hackneyed recent versions?

Rosemary Belk

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