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Tempo Indications and Metronome Markings in Symphony 6

Hello everybody,

I understand that Tchaikovsky had consistent sense of tempi. I do not know who wrote tempo indications and metronome markings in Symphony 6. I understand their consistency, except for tempo indication of "Andante non tanto" for metronome marking of "q.=60" at bar 90 in Finale.

"Andante non tanto" corresponds "q.=72 to 80" in composer's perception.

I think it should be "Adagio non tanto".

if it was "Andante lamentoso ( q.= 54 ) " at the top of Finale, bar 90 is beggining of recapitulation, so it may be written as "Andante non tanto ( q.= 60 ) "

However there's no possibility that composer wrote "Andante" for q.= 54. in his perception.

How do you think?

Best regards,

Kamomeno Iwao

07/11/2011 03:46

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