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Question on Tchaikovsky's travel to Trabzon


I have visited your site, about Tchaikovsky, with great interest, and I was particularly surprised that Piotr Ilits has traveled to Trabzon!

My great-grandparents lived in Trabzon and they were Romans (Greeks as everyone calls us today) of great education. They came, with their children (one of them was my grandfather Kyriakos) as refugees, in 1922, to the mainland of the free Greek State.

I am wondering: when can I find more information about Tchaikovsky's visit to Trabzon, his concert there and his proscenematic visit to the Monastery of our Virgin Mary, Soumela. Our Ecumenical Patriarch (Patriarch of the Romans/ New Rome, Constantinople) was given the permission from the Turkish authorities to visit the Monastery, after many years: 

With Best Regards,

Kyriakos Papadopoulos

08/11/2011 00:51

Tchaikovsky visited Trabzom in May of 1886 as part of his trip back from the Caucasus where he stayed a month in Tiflis visiting with relatives and friends....he stayed in Trabzom two days. In the Tchaikovsky-Research page there is no mention of a concert being given there..he mentions of visiting a Greek hill top monastery while there...

I was able to garner a bit more information on this city of Trebizond/Trabzom....from Poznansky..."Tchaikovsky ....found the people "very attractive...I don't know about the women, but the men and especially the boys are most beautiful.".....From David Brown....''The steamer "L 'Aremenie" called at Trebizond ("very picturesque, very interesting - especially the bazaar. on horseback to the monastery.......only two Greek monks. Amazing view.')

Well that just about sums up Tchaikovsky's visit to that city...

AL Gasparo

09/11/2011 16:10

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