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I have a question on Tchaikovsky and especially the part where he was inspired by music of other cultures I assume one was Asia, can you please tell me more about this and if any others and also in which of his works this is most notable.

Thank you so much in advance,

Vanessa Paulina

12/11/2011 11:40

Hi Vanessa,

Tchaikovsky was a cosmopolitan composer...of Asia I cant say...there was a folk song from the Caucasus which he used in the number for Coffee in the Arabian dance from Nutcracker...there are two French popular songs which he used in the Madame Gignone sequence again in Nutcracker...a French popular song featured in the second movement from his First Piano Concerto....he utilized many Russian folk songs especially in the earlier part of his career...and of course he was influenced by many composers of his day and age...he had a strong European affiliation...his favorite composer was Mozart...but admits to being influenced by Berlioz, Wagner, Bizet and other composers including Glinka...his melodic invention was also influenced by Italians of the Bel Canto era...he wrote several tone poems, Liszt and Berlioz were the creators of that art outside of Russia and that is European Russia at that, his music was deeply rooted in the European tradition...

The main theme of the first movement of his Fourth Symphony was influenced by an aria from Bizet's Carmen..the main theme from the last movement was based on a Russian folk song.....his Capriccio Italien had a number of Italian pop songs in times he used styles from the rococo in a section of Pique Dame...So he was pretty much a product of his age and time...

Best Wishes,

AL Gasparo

14/11/2011 23:50

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