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The Enchantress

I have a set of Melodiya LPs of the Enchantress. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the libretto or where it can be downloaded from?


John Keedy

20/11/2011 18:49

Unfortunately due to the fact that this opera never caught on in the West I don't believe this opera's libretto is available by itself or as a download.

My only suggestion is to go to your music library if any in your area and borrow a recording of that opera with the libretto and make a copy...that failing you can get the scenario from most bios of that composer...

Best Wishes,

AL Gasparo

26/11/2011 02:01

The EMI LP pressing of The Enchantress [SLS 5167] included a complete libretto. It has a transliterated version of the original Russian, and an English translation.

Check out Ebay, you find copies being offered for sale there quite often.

Fred Edwards

01/12/2011 00:37

Flanders Opera gave a new production of The Enchantress in Ghent and Antwerp in November. I went to the 1st performance in Ghent on Oct.30th. It was a superb musical presentation of this mature and powerful work. The opera was performed without cuts and finely conducted by Dmitri Jurowski – the younger brother of Vladimir who is the musical director of both Glyndebourne Opera and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra and chorus were both 1st class and the principal singers were mainly guests from the Mariinski and other Russian companies led by Tatiana Pavlovskaya in the title role, Valeri Alexeev as Prince Nikita, Irina Makarova as the Princess and Dmitri Polkopin as Prince Yuri. On the other hand the production – which was brilliantly done – bore little or no resemblance to the opera’s scenario. A case of director’s ego trip which won’t do the opera’s reputation any good because the majority seeing it for the 1st time will be so disenchanted and confused by what’s happening on the stage they won’t actually be very aware of the music. The Russian performers were probably delighted to be in something other than the historical (and often ancient) traditional productions they’re used to at home . Being used to outrageous productions which are the norm these days I was willing to go along with the ‘concept’ but finally decided it was sending-up the opera. However, it was musically marvellous and one of the performances will have been broadcast on Belgian radio and hopefully it will be broadcast to other countries and even get a cd issue. Well worth looking out for.

Joseph Brand

01/12/2011 23:59

Please see my remarks on the Ghent production elsewhere on the forum.

Joseph Brand

03/12/2011 16:30

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