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Tchaikovsky's Parents

Does anyone know where Tchaikovsky's parents are buried and also his brothers and sister? The only one I have come across is Modeste who I have traced to a cemetery in Klin. This question occured to my following a visit to La Cote Saint Andre visiting Berlioz's birthplace. I founnd the grave of Berlioz's parents at the local cemetery there,


John Keedy

27/11/2011 11:26

Tchaikovsky's mother, Aleksandra, died on 13 June 1854 and was buried in the Smolenskoe Cemtery in St. Petersburg. The composer's father, Il'ia, also died in St. Petersburg on 9 January 1880, and it's quite likely that he is in the same grave as his wife, although I can't confirm that from the sources to hand.

Of the composer's siblings:

  • Nikolai (1838-1911) was buried in the Novodevich'e Cemetery, Moscow
  • Aleksandra (Sasha) (1841-1891) and Anatolii (1850-1915) were both buried in the Aleksandr Nevskii Cemetery in St. Petersburg, but their graves haven't survived
  • Ippolit (1845-1927) and Modest (1950-1916) were both buried at the Dem'ianovo Cemetery near Klin.

Hope this helps,

Brett Langston

27/11/2011 20:10

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