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Wakula the Smith

Dear ladies & gentlemen,

I have just been in Moscow where I was able to purchase a complete recording of Tchaikovsky's earliest opera, "Voyevoda".

Now, I'd like to ask whether somebody knows if there is a recording available of his opera "Wakula the Smith" in its original score (and not the later version under the name "Cherevichky", of which I'm happy to already have a record, too).

With many thanks in advance,

Guido Muehlemann

28/11/2011 16:11

There actually is a recording of Vakula the Smith, but unfortunately it is not available commercially. The BBC recorded it specially for their Tchaikovsky Experience series that was broadcast on BBC Radio a few years ago. They also recorded the original version of the Winter Daydreams symphony, the second (1870) version of Romeo and Juliet, and several other first recordings of piano pieces, songs and choral works.

I think we will all have to petition the BBC to make these recordings available to buy. I find it hard to believe that no-one in the BBC’s marketing department has hit on this idea yet.

Fred Edwards

01/12/2011 00:20

Dear Fred,

Thank you very much for the very interesting news. I also think that it would be a very good idea to petition the BBC in order that they would sell some copies of their recordings.

In my opinion, his forum would be an excellent place in order to open an online signature collection, for I can imagine, that many participants (if not most...) of this forum could be very interested in such recordings.

With best regards,

Guido Muehlemann

02/12/2011 14:15

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