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Check out Battle of the Nutcrackers - Ovation

Battle of the Nutcrackers - Ovation

From December 12th to the 16th viewers will have the opportunity to see five different Nutcrackers on Ovation TV (Channel 83 in my area in the States):

  • The Marinsky
  • The Royal Opera
  • The Berlin State
  • The Bolshoi Ballet
  • and Matthew Bournes...

On each evening at 8pm a different one will be featured...and at the end you will have the opportunity of voting on one of them, and the winner will be shown on Christmas Eve...This has been an annual event with Ovation since Happy Holidays Everyone!

Best Wishes,

AL Gasparo

06/12/2011 10:32

And I forgot to mention that on Christmas Day they will showing three of these Nutcrackers....

AL Gasparo

06/12/2011 10:41

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