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Joan's Aria from the Maid of Orleans


This year is the 600th anniversary of Jeanne d'Arc ( Joan of Arc ) 's birth. She was born on January 6 in 1412 of the Julian calendar.

The day is Epiphany and her first name Jeanne is derived from John the Baptist, Prophet.  And her surname Arc means a bow.

Tchaikovsky composed "The Maid of Orleans" during 1878 - 1979.

#7 Joan's aria from the first act is farewell her native hills and fields.

The aria composed in d minor at the main part, also the key of the scene she would be burned at the final of the opera.

In the middle of the aria the key is changed to d-flat major and in two‐two time to three - two.

"do--_so so--so ^la^ti^do^re ^mi--- _do-"

I suppose the composer quoted Frederic Chopin's "the Military Polonaise".

Joan of Arc said good-by to her home and decided to go to the front.

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Kamomeno Iwao
20/01/2012 07:32

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