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Poznansky new Tchaikovsky biography

I noticed that Alexander Poznansky mentioned earlier in the forum that he would have a new biography on you have any news on this?

Rosemary Belk
04/05/2012 13:39

My new Tchaikovsky biography has already been published twice in Russian: Petr Chaikovskii (St Petersburg, 2009, 2 volumes set) and Chaikovskii (Moscow, 2010). The English version has been completed, and is currently under consideration with some publishers.

Alexander Poznansky
09/05/2012 19:02

That sounds very exciting, please let me know when it is out, because it would be great to get an up to date book on Tchaikovsky, free of the post-Soviet problems you said you encountered with previous books?

Rosemary Belk
15/05/2012 18:47

I am very excited to hear that your new Tchaikovsky biography may be published in English. Since I have read all your other books on the composer I wonder how it will differ on the subject or if you have found new material.

Erling Eliasson
20/05/2012 20:52

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