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Original version of Symphony No.1

I was delighted to see in these forums that Vakula the Smith is now available to buy on CD. I am hoping that the original version of the Winter Daydreams symphony is similarly available. Ilan Volkov’s recording made for the BBC a few years ago hasn’t been issued commercially, as far as I know. Is anybody aware of its availability? The same goes for Baldur Bronnimann’s BBC recordings of the 1870 version of Romeo and Juliet and ‘Gott Erhalte Franz den Kaiser’, are they available for purchase anywhere?

Thanks in advance

Fred Edwards
07/12/2012 05:56

Sorry Fred, not as far as I know, unfortunately.

Brett Langston
07/12/2012 06:22

Dear Fred,

I have a recording of the original version of Romeo & Juliet (1869) at Chandos Classics (Chan 10041), played by the London Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Geoffrey Simon. The record also includes the original version of Tchaikovsky’s Second Symphony.

Rien Schraagen
10/12/2012 09:00

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