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24-hour Tchaikovsky Radio


Just a point of information.

On the lastest version of iTunes there's an icon called "Radio,"

Click on it, and you'll see a section called "Calm Radio." There's a station there that plays T.,--- 24-hours a day.

They have apps for iPhones, Android, iPads-- and no-- they're NOT paying me for this! (Hahahahahah!)

Personally, I know most of the music they play, but sometimes, they surprise you with rarities/obscurities.

No commercials. Little chatter.

My belated X-mas gift to you all.


George Boyd
30/12/2012 11:50

Thank you!

Very interesting. But not even Tchaikovsky would bear 24 hours non stop of his music ...

Antonio Garganese
31/12/2012 21:16

Monsieur Garganese:

No one is asking you to listen to T., 24-hours a day!!


All I was saying is it's AVALIABLE!

Plus-- it's plays in cycles.

It was meant to be a point of info-- that's all.

I very rarely, seldom, get into talk about who wrote what, and where is the definitive

manuscript of .... whatever...

It's all mute to me.

A waste of our time/space.

I like the T-Channel because it's interesting to hear the very different takes CONDUCTORS take on his masterpieces.

For example, I heard "Marche Slavonic." God-- get it in the hands of the wrong conductor and they'll butcher it!

But forget about me--this site is about T. For example, is it true he detested "1812."

He merely wrote it for the $$$ and the high-esteemed commission of a Czar?


All I can say is the Czar & Czarina must have S**t their respective pants when they heard it.


To answer your inquiry.

One does not listen for 24-hours a day. it goes in cycles, (the radio station). Everything in three hours.

George Boyd
01/01/2013 00:07

Funnily enough a few years ago I was asked to calculate how long it would take to perform all Tchaikovsky's works. Taking into account his own arrangements and alternative versions of scores, and average playing times, my best estimate was:

88 hours and 30 minutes

Now that would be a marathon!

Brett Langston
01/01/2013 15:21

Actually a few years ago they played everyone of Tchaikovsky's pieces, even his student works on was done along with all of Stravinsky's works...we discussed it on the Forum...

Albert Gasparo
02/01/2013 01:12

BBC - Radio 3 - Classical/Tchaikovsky & Experience/Tchaikovsky's Works on Radio 3

Here's what we heard in Feb 2007 on the BBC..complete works...I focused on the works I was not familiar with....

Albert Gasparo
02/01/2013 08:38

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