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"Souvenir de Florence" for string orchestra

I'm looking for an arrangement of "Souvenir de Florence" for string orchestra (with double bass). I know there's one written by Lucas Drew, but I read somewhere that there's one of Tschaikowsky himself. Does anyone know something about this? I'd also like to get to know the arrangement Anton Seidl wrote (for the Carnegie Hall, I think).

Thank you in advance!

Antonia Emde
07/02/2013 16:25

Hello Antonia,

Tchaikovsky didn't make an arrangement of this work himself, but you're right that Anton Seidl first conducted his own version for string orchestra at Carnegie Hall in January 1893. Maybe this was just a 'scaled up' version, with the solo parts taken by each of the string sections?

Brett Langston
09/02/2013 11:59

Hello Antonia

There is a new recording (Grammy nominee 2013) of this work made by Trondheimsolistene, re-arranged for standard string orchestra (including double bass) 

The arrangements are made by members of the ensemble.

Good luck!

Svein Hundsnes
16/02/2013 11:02

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