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Tchaikovsky and clothes

Dear all,

This is Olga Khoroshilova, PhD, journalist from St. Petersburg (Russia). Now I'm writing the second part of my book dedicated to Russian fashion and costumes (1st part - Костюм и мода Российской империи. Эпоха Николая 2 - has just been published in Russia).

I'll be really very grateful if you could help me to find the following information. I would like to know the names of tailors as well as of boutiques (French, Austrian, English) where Petr Tchaikovsky bought or ordered his everyday costumes, coats and hats. In his Klin museum I've found just Heinrich Grunbaum and Friedrich Zimmerman.

Do you know any other labels, boutiques, magazines where Tchaikovsky bought clothes?

I'll be grateful for any information.

Best regards,

Olga Khoroshilova
03/03/2013 16:08

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