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Howard Goodalls "Story of Music` on Tchaikovsky

I would be interested in opinions on the BBC`s Series: Howard Goodall`s "Story of music", particularly No. 5 `The Age of Rebellion` and his comments on Tchaikovsky`s music? The link is below   

Rosemary Belk
07/03/2013 15:28

To expand..What do you think of this from Howard Goodalls `Story of Music`?

"Even Russia`s most famous composer of them all, Tchaikovsky, who became a worldwide star in the 1880`s and 90`s was still composing in a style that owed more to Beethoven or Brahms than to anything he`d picked up on the banks of the Volga. But there was something Tchaikovsky excelled at that was distinctly Russian and that contained within it the seeds of a coming revolution, dance".

Rosemary Belk
25/04/2013 21:45

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