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Souvenir for string orchestra

Does anyone know where I can get hold of the string orchestra version ,including the double bass, of Souvenir de Florence? I've tried Kalmus (they sent one movt, no bass!) and all UK libraries.

Megan Webb
13/03/2013 10:50

Only the string sextet version was by Tchaikovsky, so you might be looking for a more recent arrangement by someone else that's still in copyright, which might explain some of the difficulties you've had in tracking it down.

P. Davydov
18/03/2013 09:10

There is a new recording (Grammy nominee 2013) of this work, recorded by Trondheimsolistene, re-arranged for standard string orchestra (including double bass) 

The arrangements are made by members of the ensemble; Contact Rolf Hoff Balzersen:

Svein Hundsnes
19/03/2013 09:50

Apparently the bass parts were added by a Lucas Drew; finally located a set of parts!

Megan Webb
20/03/2013 15:35

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