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This discussion and interest in it may have gone cold but interested parties might like to know that the Roszdestvensky/Arkhipova Recoding of the Maid of Orleans has finally been issued on CD, By EMI and In the UK at least where it is widely available by Mail Order. I got mine a week or so ago and its been great to renew acquaintance with it as flawed as it might be. Its come up well in transfer.

Doesn't look like its available on US sites but here's the link to UK Amazon.


Stephen Rinker
24/03/2013 15:16

Thanks for this information. I’ve known this performance from before its HMV incarnation when it was on 4 MK LPs bought at the Russian shop in Charing Cross Road in the 1960s at an exhorbitant price (for those days). I can still smell the pungent glue the Russian packaging always seemed to have! I’ve already ordered the new cds but, in the UK at least, you get a better deal from Sainsburys!

In 1990 I saw the Bolshoi present their new production in Glasgow (with a few cuts and minus the ballet) and a few years later saw it absolutely complete with Jane Irwin at the RNCM in Manchester. On both occasions the audiences were roused to tremendous enthusiasm even though most of them would have been completely unfamiliar with the opera which was performed in Russian without surtitles proving the power of the wonderful and undervalued work.

Joseph Brand
26/03/2013 13:01

Melodiya has recently re-released the 1969 recording lead by Rozhdestvensky on 3 CDs. However, there is no libretto ( just a synopsis).

David Roberts
28/04/2013 03:53

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