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Time of Birth of Tchaikovsky

We know the time of death, but you know the hour of the birth of Tchaikovsky? Astrologically, a Taurus, but what Ascendant?

Do you want to remind me as it was high Tchaikovsky, the color of his hair and eyes?

Antonio Garganese
(Prato, Florence)
03/04/2013 19:04

No hour of birth was given on Tchaikovsky's birth certificate, as this information was not normally recorded in records of the time. Nor do we know exactly how tall he was, apart from Russian references to him being of medium height, and American commentators who tended to describe him as "tall". But most contemporary descriptions agree that his hair was dark in colour, and his eyes were pale blue.

Brett Langston
04/04/2013 13:04

In an astrology program I found the following data:

Time of birth 06:35:00 on May 7th 1840 in Votkinsk (51o 55` 00’’ N - 4o 29` 00’’ O).

Greetings (and thanks a lot for the beautiful photo gallery in Facebook!),

Rien Schraagen
15/04/2013 15:33

I suspect the astrologers have assumed Tchaikovsky was born at exactly 12 noon local time in Votkinsk, and simply adjusted that to Greenwich  time!

Brett Langston
16/04/2013 20:36

To our amusement ...

If we consider the 6.35 hours the ascendant will be Gemini and therefore:

"The ascendant in Gemini, creates a deep inner conflict, because the rectitude of Taurus contrasts with the superficiality of Gemini. You are attached to money, and dedicated to the worship of beauty."

If 12 hours Leone:

"The Ascendant in Leo makes the Taurus strong, positive and passionate, albeit with some contrast. In love big hits insured by your charm."

I always thought that Tchaikovsky was a Taurus-Cancer:

"The ascendant in the sign of Cancer in Taurus accentuates the sense of family, giving a strong charge in the feelings and affections. Charm and sympathy are attracting many friends."

What do you say?

Antonio Garganese,
Prato, Florence
17/04/2013 09:12

Of course we should remind everyone that there's no scientific basis to astrology.

(But then again I am a Capricorn, and therefore very skeptical by nature !!!)

P. Davydov
17/04/2013 21:36

Why should there be a scientific basis for everything? Did Tchaikovsky compose on a scientific basis? Use your intuition, then you can feel if something is right or wrong.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Rien Schraagen
03/05/2013 10:39

If you want people to take any of this stuff seriously then someone should do studies on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and see if indeed being born under a certain sign is indicative of this or that character trait..and what kind of friends they had and what was their worldly fortune. If you were to ask me I would say we are what we are because of our genetic background coupled with our environment especially in youth and education...

Albert Gasparo
05/05/2013 05:26

As per is the work of the imagination, while astrology is supposed to be a science,,,,there is indeed a scientific basis for everything,,,,and one must distinguish between imaginary wish fulfillment and the real. Primitive man where these notions came about simple could not distinguish between the two..fantasy and reality...witness all the different religions we have.....people will believe in whatever suits their convenience and call that truth...

Albert Gasparo
05/05/2013 14:03

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