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Tchaikovsky on Grieg?


I know that Tchaikovsky and Grieg admired each other a great deal, and that they met in 1888.

But I am curious to know if there exists any writings where Tchaikovsky writes about spessific pieces written by Grieg? I know for example that Grieg's piano concerto was extremly popular in Russia, and that Grieg sent Tchaikovsky a score of his Peer-gynt suite!


Haakon S Bakken
01/06/2013 21:48

As far as I could determine from my sources the two composers met in 1888 and they did have a cordial relationship and did admire each others music...I did not come across any opinion of a specific piece by Tchaikovsky on Grieg....during that year Tchaikovsky enjoyed a performance of Grieg's Third Violin Sonata op 40...there was no further communication that we know of beyond the year 1888...and so they went their separate ways....the culmination of their relationship came when Tchaikovsky dedicated his Hamlet Overture to Grieg...another thing....the first and major theme from the first movement of Tchaikovsky's Fifth symphony seems to have been based on a theme from Grieg's Piano Sonata... both Symphony and Overture were written in 1888...also at a later date Tchaikovsky did conduct a performance of Grieg's Piano Concerto.... as for here in the States little is known of Grieg's music other than the Piano Concerto, the two Peer Gynt Suites, the suite From Holberg's Time....and a few of his songs and piano pieces......

Albert Gasparo
03/06/2013 10:09

In their biography "Edvard Grieg - The Man and The Artist" (Pub. Aschehoug & Co., p.249) the authors render some of Tchaikovsky's comments on Grieg's style as such, which are very much to the point. The quotation stems from Tchaikovsky's 'Autobiographical Account of a Tour Abroad in the Year 1888', mentioned on this site:

It reveals, among other things, Tchaikovsky's admiration for Grieg's inventiveness and freshness. In his ever so sympathetic manner, Tchaikovsky does not praise Grieg's developments to the same extent.

Svein Hundsnes
03/06/2013 19:45

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