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A small thing.

Why the nephew Vladimir Davydov used to be called "Bob"?

Antonio Garganese
05/06/2013 00:04


For your reference...

" Володя " or " Вова " is a ordinary nickname for Russian firstname Владимир ( Vladimir ).

Vladimir Davydov was Pyotr Ilyich's darling nephew.

From his early childhood, Pyotr Ilyich called him " Бобик ( Bobik ) ", instead of " Бэби ( baby ) " or " Баби ".

" Бобик " means a " pet dog ".

" Боб ( Bob ) " is its diminutive.

" боб " means also a " bean ", a small object as well.

Incidentally, Боба ( Boba ) is a nickname for Борис ( Boris ).

And Anton Chekhov named " Бобик " for a son of Andrei and Natalia at play " Три сестры (Three Sisters ) ".


Kamomeno Iwao
09/06/2013 08:16

I think "Bob" was a popular nickname at the time and derived from the English,,,shorter at any rate than "Vladimir" this case I have not checked my sources as usual,,,

Albert Gasparo
09/06/2013 22:23

I thank you very much Kamomeno Iwao!

It 'very, very funny and interesting!

" Бобик " means a " pet dog "...

Even in Italian is used to call the dogs "Bobi" ... :-)

Antonio Garganese
10/06/2013 13:34

Kamomeno Iwao is to be congratulated on his scholarship searches regarding these names and their origins....

Albert Gasparo
10/06/2013 21:00

According to Yury Davydov'S recollections, it was young Vladimir himself who, unable to pronounce the English "Baby," as his family used to call him, came out with "Bob" instead, and the nickname stuck.

Alexander Poznansky
16/06/2013 01:52

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