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Tchaikovsky on Grieg

In the English translation of Modest Tchaikovsky's Life and Letters of Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky this is a paragraph descrbing Tchaikovsky's memories of meeting Grieg:

LEIPZIG, December 21st 1887 (January 2nd 1888).

"Yesterday the public rehearsal took place. I was very nervous, but my success was unusually flattering. . . But it is Grieg who has altogether won my heart. He is most taking and sympathetic, with shoulders of unequal height, fair hair brushed back from his forehead, and a very slight, almost boyish, beard and moustache. There was nothing very striking about the features of this man, whose exterior at once attracted my sympathy, for it would be impossible to call them handsome or regular ; but he had an uncommon charm, and blue eyes, not very large, but irresistibly fascinating, recalling the glance of a charming and candid child. I rejoiced in the depths of my heart when we were mutually introduced to each other, and it turned out that this personality, which was so inexplicably sympathetic to me, belonged to a musician whose warmly emotional music had long ago won my heart. It was Edvard Grieg."

Philip de Vos
Cape Town - South Africa
13/06/2013 21:27

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