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Notes for First Tenor Trombone in Francesca da Rimini

In the bars 9 and 10, the notes for first tenor trombone are [ a ] → [ b-flat ] → [ a ] .

It seems that these notes conflicts with those for other instruments, [ continuous e-flat , f-sharp, c ] → [ continuous e-flat, g, b ( natural ) ] → [ continuous e-flat , f-sharp, c ] .

Therefore ex-Soviet conductor Evgeny Mravinsky had performed them like [ continuous e-flat , f-sharp, c ] → [ continuous e-flat, g, b-flat ] → [ continuous e-flat , f-sharp, c ] , exept for the recording in 1940.

I'm not sure that they are Pyotr Ilyich's mistakes in writing or publishers' misprints, or else it's fine just like that.

I can't confirm composer's autographs because I'm an only amateur fun of Tchaikovsky.

Does anyone know the notes Pyotr Ilyich autographed?

Kamomeno Iwao
09/07/2013 14:10

The editors of the score of Francesca da Rimini in volume 24 the Soviet edition of Tchaikovsky's complete works (1961), compared Jurgenson's edition with Tchaikovsky's autograph, and found that the trombone parts were identical in this section. So it was the composer's intention (a little like the 'wrong' note in the First Piano Concerto).

Brett Langston
09/07/2013 22:27

Hello, Mr. Langston,

Thank you so much! I understood. Even so, it’s mysterious intention.

Are there any letters or other documents that composer had preferred to these notes?

Best regards,

Kamomeno Iwao
10/07/2013 03:58

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