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Klaus Mann's novel on Tchaikovsky

Has anybody on this forum perhaps read Klaus Mann's novel "Pathetic Symphony" or perhaps any other novels on Tchaikovsky?

Philip de Vos
27/07/2013 08:06

Beloved Friend: The Story of Tchaikowsky and Nadejda Von Meck: Catherine Drinker Bowen:
9780837168616: Books

Ive heard it said that this is a fictionalized portrayal of Tchaikovsky's life tho there is no mention of that fact in the reviews it gets focuses mainly on the two protoganists ,Tchaikovsky and his benefactress Madame von Meck...its been said that the questionable and highly controversial movie "The Music Lovers" is based at least in part on this work..I read it too long ago to remember anything about it...nor did I know enough about the composer's life to compare the book with the reality...

Albert Gasparo
28/07/2013 22:44

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