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Tchaikovsky Research : Georgy Tchaikovsky (b. 1883)

This article on Georgy was very interesting informing us about his life till the year 1915 when news of him is suddenly cut off...some say he immigrated to Italy and died there, others say that he was executed by Stalin in the 1920's along with his uncle Nikolay...von Meck's son...I however have another version...I distinctly remember in a NY Philharmonic broadcast interview given by Deems Taylor the announcer at the time with this very Georgy in the 1930' appeared as a rebroadcast of the 1930's between 1947 and 1951...My researches with the NY Phil archives proved futile as I needed the exact date of the interview or the music played at that concert....perhaps Mr Sokolov being more adept as researcher into these matters can finally give us the truth of what happened in the 1940's on these still stands very clear in my mind...and there is also the matter of what happened to Georgy's son...

Albert Gasparo
19/08/2013 14:21

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