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Mystery Tchaikovsky (?) tune

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I just stumbled across your site, and I am hoping a reader can help with something that has bedeviled me for decades.

It's the music at the beginning of each installment of the 1977 BBC TV adaptation of Anna Karenina, the one with Nicola Pagett in the title role. The music at the end of each episode is clearly from Peter Ilyich's Manfred. But what is that orchestral fanfare at the beginning? I can't even swear it's Tchaikovsky, though it sounds like him to me. Not from any symphony or suite or concerto. You can hear it right at the beginning of

That is, right after the snippet from Rite of Spring, which I don't recall from watching it on TV back then. The mystery music starts at the 24-second mark. Sounds like the beginning of an overture or symphonic poem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Jeffrey Gantz
26/08/2013 17:14

Hello Jeffrey,

I don't think the fanfare is actuallty by Tchaikovsky, but maybe another reader can identify the real composer?

Brett Langston
27/08/2013 16:21

Dear Jeffrey,

I think it may be “Finnish Fantasy” by Alexander Glazunov.   (approx. 5:20)

Kenji Sugiyama
28/08/2013 01:51

Yes, it’s definitely Glazunov’s Finnish Fantasy Op.88, conducted by Yevgeny Svetlanov.

Fred Edwards
06/09/2013 03:25

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