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A Website Twin

I want to indicate a sister site to this, dedicated to a dear friend of Tchaikovsky, Antonin Dvorak:

It is currently only in Czech language, but who has installed a simultaneous translator can navigate.

In the autumn, the English version is announced.

The site is very nice and even allows you to listen to almost all music by Dvorak, in full, even if the performers do not appear (due to copyright I think).

For example (scroll to the bottom left):

The curators of "Tchaikovsky Research" have never thought to put music? It 'a very useful function!


Paolo Campesi De Gortes
30/08/2013 18:48

Hello Paolo,

Thank you for that information. There are lots of legal issues surroundng copyright on performances that prevent us from including recordings here, although we do have some electronically-generated MP3 files of rare works (see our Unknown Tchaikovsky page).

Brett Langston
01/09/2013 16:46

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