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When did Konstantin Shilovsky die?

Dear people of ‘our’ beautiful Tchaikovsky website,

Tchaikovsky writes in 1893 in one of his letters: “So many deaths among my old pals: Karlusha, both Shilovskys, Apukhtin!!”

In the section about Vladimir Shilovsky, his date of death is mentioned: 30 June/6 July 1893 (that seems strange to me: isn’t the difference between both calendars 12 days?).

There is no date mentioned in the section on his brother Konstantin. So can you tell me when Konstantin Shilovsky died?

Looking forward to your reply,

Best regards,

Rien Schraagen
14/09/2013 14:15


thank you for your question. As far as I know Konstantin Shilovsky has died 22 May 1893 and his brother Vladimir passed away on 24 July 1893. All dates are in Old style.

Best wishes,

Alexander Poznansky
15/09/2013 00:32

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