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A funny short film and a documentary on Tchaikovsky

Inside the discussion of this forum, post 1.2.2013:

 one speaks of the short film by Walt Disney about Tchaikovsky. Here it is on YouTube, in two parts: (part one)  (part two)

I also want to add to the list of documentaries mentioned in the discussion, this:

Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky - "Hopeless Romantic", 1999 Canada
Sound Venture Productions, The National Arts Centre of Canada.

A 25-minute documentary written by Michael Laewen for the series "Whole Notes - Stories Behind The Classics", directed by Katherine A. Jeans. A brief trip around the musician, with the participation of musicians and critics. Pinchas Zukerman conducts the National Arts Centre Orchestra of Canada.

On Youtube: 


Paolo Campesi De Gortes 
23/09/2013 21:44

The ones from Walt Disney , which I believe came out at the time of the animated cartoon "Sleeping Beauty"...1959..really isn't all that bad...glamorous and told about the composers early life with a mix of truth and is to be expected from the fantasy land that is Walt Disney studios...I rather enjoyed for the other documentary mentioned , it didn't leave much of an impression one way or the other...

Albert Gasparo
26/09/2013 20:44

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