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Tchaikovsky Pictures and Visit

Just found your web site. Very interesting.
Are there any pics around of the tchaikovsky funeral?
Do you have any information about where tchaikovsky visited when he went to the Baltimore/Washington DC area in America in April 1891?

Patrick Femiano

There are many photographs has survived covering Tchaikovsky's funeral. Some of them were published in my documentary studies—Tchaikovsky's Last Days (in English) and Tchaikovsky Tod (in German). Many details of the composer visit to United States, including his trip to Washington area you can find in the book by Elkhonon Yoffe, Tchaikovsky in America: The Composer's Visit in 1891 (New York; Oxford, 1986)

Alexander Poznansky

This is a website where you can find among other pictures also a picture of Tchakovskij's funeral: http: //

Martina Slobodova

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