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Baltimore visit April 1891

Anyone have any idea what Tchaikovsky did while in Baltimore in April 1891? What did he visit? What music did he play or conduct?

Thank you

Pat Femiano

Tchaikovsky toured the United States in 1891, caling at New York, Buffalo, Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia (as well as taking in a visit to Niagara Falls). Elkhonon Yoffe's book Tchaikovsky in America (ISBN 0195041178) provides a comprehensive account of the whole of the composer's visit.

He arrived in Baltimore on 15 May, plunging straight into rehersals for that evening's concert at the Lyceum Theatre, where he conducted his Serenade for String Orchestra and the Piano Concerto No. 1 (soloist: Adele aus der Ohe). The following day there was time for a quick tour around the city, taking in the Peabody Institue and the Baltimore Conservatory before leaving for Washington D.C. on the afternoon of 16 May.

Brett Langston

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