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6 Romances Op. 6

I am a soprano singer and I am working at the moment on the 6 Romances Op. 6 of Tchaïkowsky. I would like to know, if the music of the second romance, which text is originally from Goethe, was composed by Tchaïkowsky for the german text or for the Russian one.

Thank you for your answer and excuse me for my not so good Englisch.

Juliette, France

Dear Juliet,

Yes, Tchaikovsky set all the romances in this set to Russian words only. For example, in the case of No. 6, he used a Russian translation of Goethe's German text by Lev Mei. Tchaikovsky's autograph score, and the first published edition (1870) do not have any German texts.

Brett Langston

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