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Saint Petersburg, important places for Tchaikovsky

Dear friends, for my next visit at Saint Petersburg I'ld like to see two places more which are important in the life of Tchaikovsky.
  1. the building where the first performance of the sixth symphony took place
  2. the school, where Tchaikovsky was a law student.

During my spontaneous walk at the channels I did'nt found the school. Does anybody has the exact adress. I'ld appreciate to get this data for my next journey. Thanks a lot

Rüdiger Herpich

While I have not been able to find the address, here at any rate is a description and photo of the School of Jurisprudence.

Imperial School of Jurisprudence — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

May I suggest other places of interest if you havent been there yet?:

1. 13 Malaya Morskaya...Tchaikovsky's death site.

2. Liternaturnaya Kafe, Nevsky Prospect No. 18, Literary Cafe formerly Leiners Restaurant where the composer had his last meal.

3. Lady of Kazan Cathedral where his funeral services took place.

The above are all within a few blocks of each other.

4. Alexander Nevsky Cematary where his remains are interred.

I'm sure there are many more points of interest in Petersburg relating to the composer if one were to compile a list..

Al Gasparo

During Tchaikovsky study there, the School of Jurisprudence occupied the palace, situated at No. 6 Fontanka River Embankment. It is near the confluence of Neva and Fontanka rivers, just across Fontanka from the Summer Garden. An easy 15–20 min. walk from the Winter Palace (Hermitage).

The first performance of the 6th symphony was on 16 October 1893. The venue was the palace, occupied at the time by the Gentry (Nobility) Club (Dvoryanskoye Sobraniye). So far, I have not been able to find the address of that palace and still working on it.

While in Petersburg, the likely places that might hold that information are the City Archives or the Chair of Music History at the Conservatoire of Music.

The Conservatoire is also easy to find, as it is directly across Theatre Square from the Mariinsky Opera House, some 30 min. walking from the Kazan Cathedral.

If you decide to visit his grave, flowers can be bought on the other side of the Aleksandro-Nevsky Square from the monastery, by the main entrance to the International Hotel "Moskva".

While paying homage to Tchaikovsky, buy extra flowers to lay on the grave of his predecessor, Michael Glinka, another giant and founder of what we know as the Russian music.

Glinka's grave is over the walkway from that of Tchaikovsky.

Alexander Geidelberg

The place where Tchaikovsky conducted his Sixth Symphony once known as the Hall of the Nobility, that hall is now called Shostakovich Philharmonic Hall at 30 Nevsky Prospect.

Al Gasparo

Dear friends,

thank you all for your comprehensive informations !

I'ld like to amend, that the house at Malaja Morskaja nowadays can be entered. There is a tasty fast food restaurant in the basement, called "Enigma" and a shop for (classical) music in the second floor.

Rüdiger Herpich

Dear Mr. Herpich,

Regarding 13 Malaya Morskaya sometime ago I made inquiries as to what were the possibilities of converting Modest's apartment into a museum. It seems the interest was there but implementation was not forth coming. From what I know Tchaikovsky's death site is being rented as an apartment. I can only imagine the sensation of being near of in that place of destiny where one of Russia's brightest lights was extinguished. Do you have any other piece of information that would indicate some change in its present status? If you have any photos you have made of that place I think it would be pleasant to post them here on the Forum if possible. And also if you have a floor plan of the above..Many thanks,

Al Gasparo

Dear Mr. Gasparo,

unfortunately I have no further informations, but two photos:

You can see the entrance of the restaurant (КафеБистро“Энигма”) at the corner of the building. The four windows at the left and the right site of the facade resp. belong to the restaurant. On the right part of the facade you can see the second entrance into the restaurant with the signboard “open 24 H”. On the right site of the photo you can also see three windows in the second floor (two have yellow lamps). This part of the building belongs to the shop for classical music.

Furthermore there is the mini-hotel “Старая Вена” (Old Vienna) located in the building. On the home page of that hotel you can read a short description of the history of the house – but beginning with fin de siècle without mention of Tchaikovsky's death. (

The other photo presents the memorial tablet of Tchaikovsky.

Rüdiger Herpich

More on Shostakovich Philharmonic Hall..scroll down...–2?OpenDocument

Al Gasparo

Mariinsky Theatre where so many of Tchaikovsky's operas and ballets received their introduction..

18 Nevsky Prospect, now Literary Cafe at one time Leiners Restaurant where the composer had his last meal before his death four days later..

More on 'Literary Cafe'.....interior..scroll down..

On the evening of the day before his fatal illness, October 20 (November 2 Gregorian calendar), Tchaikovsky went to see a play by Ostrovsky with his brother at this theatre. Later he went backstage to converse with the actor Varlamov. They joked and laughed and Tchaikovsky ended by saying "I feel I shall live a long time". Then he proceded to meet his brother Modest and friends at Leiners restaurant. Total number of those present were seven. Included were two nephews and Glazunov. After a light meal Tchaikovsky and Modest proceded to his brothers flat at 13 Malaya Morskaya a short distance away about 1:00 am. He appeared "healthy and calm". The next day cholera struck...

Another view of Alexandrinsky Theatre..

Al Gasparo

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