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Tchaikovsky in America

Opening week of Carnegie Hall. A highlight of Tchaikovsky's visit. The New York Times review of the performance of his Third Suite. May 8, 1891...

The Playbill for opening week of Carnegie Hall, May 1891, then called Music Hall in which Tchaikovsky took part..

Carnegie Hall as it appeared on opening day May 5, 1891:

In April of 1991 we were regaled with an exhibit at Carnegie Hall of some of the artifacts pertaining to Tchaikovsky's visit to New York in 1891 and the opening of Carnegie Hall...

Albert Gasparo

Interior of Carnegie Hall, opening night, May 5, 1891.

January 15, 1891, Tchaikovsky accepts invitation offered him to appear in New York for the opening concerts of Carnegie Hall.

April 18, 1891 boards the steamer La Bretagne at Le Havre and departs for America.

April 26, 1891...arrives in New York, entourage awaits him as he is brought to the Hotel Normandie, 38th street and Broadway...(the Hotel Normandie was torn down in 1920..the office building now in its place still carries the name "Normandie".)

April 28----Taken to photographer Napoleon Sarony at Union Square to have some photos taken.

Marvels how people can live on the 13th floor!

May 5----opening concert...Tchaikovsky conducts his "Marche Solonelle"...which he had written in 1882 for the Emperors coronation.

May 8----Tchaikovsky presents his two a cappella choruses.."Pater Noster" and "Legend"..

On April 6/19 1891 Tchaikovsky sailed to America from Le Havre for New York on board the steamer "La Bretagne". The trip took eight days.

Furst Bismarck (1) - ship images

On May 9/21 1891 Tchaikovsky boarded the "Furst Bismarck" to Hamburg on his return trip to Europe.

Al Gasparo

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