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Modest's rooms

Does the apartment (Modest's rooms) in which T., died, still exist? Or were they blasted down during the War?

And if so, if it still stands, is it a museum/memorial of some kind?


I suppose the restaurant in which he ate has long since gone.

But does the building still exist?

As always your work is excellent and thorough.

Pls keep it up.

George Boyd

Hi Mr. Boyd,

Yes the building and the apartment in which Tchaikovsky died is still in existence and as far as I've last heard the rooms were still rented out. Attempts were made to convert Modest's apartment to a museum but so far all such attempts have failed....the address is 13 Malaya Morskaya in St. of which are available....

And yes the building and restaurant in which Tchaikovsky last dined is still in existence and still used as a Tchaikovsky's time it was known as Leiner's Restraurant, now it is known as the Literary Cafe....the restaurant is on Nevsky Prospeckt not far from Modest's apartment....about a block away or so....

There are photos available of both places the which I will try to download for you....


Albert Gasparo

Tchaikovsky Forum : Saint Petersburg, important places for Tchaikovsky

For more information and photos regarding the last days of Tchaikovsky in St. Petersburg I refer you to our own Forum....someone downloaded a picture of the apartment building in question...the windows of the room were he died are on the top floor center , the window with the balcony...

The photo of the outside of the literary cafe is missing...I am sure we will find one...

Albert Gasparo

Building of the Literary Cafe, once known as Leiner's Restaurant at 18 Nevsky where Tchaikovsky had his last dinner.....remodeled in recent times..

Albert Gasparo

Dear George,

Please find attached two pics from that building:

In the cellar you will find a fast food restaurant, which offers quite good caucasian dishes. It's called Enigma (Энигма). Several rooms are open for dining. Above is the mini hotel "Old Vienna" ( with 14 rooms.

The other pic shows you an insignia table installed at the wall of the hotel on the right part of the hotel above "Бистро". On that table the life dates of Tchaikovsky are notified.

More pics from St.-Peterburg and Moscow are available.

Best wishes

Ruediger Herpich

Here we have a much enlarged view of Mr. Herpich's photo of the building where Tchaikovsky died....13 Malaya Morskaya...

the window at the top floor of the building in the center where you see a balcony is the room where he died...indeed Tchaikovsky himself stepped out on this balcony and was able to see the golden dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral from he himself mentioned...all the details of the building stand out in great clarity...hoping this meets with Mr. Herpich's approval....if only now we could convert this apartment into a museum with furniture and artifacts from that period...I wonder if in Tchaikovsky's museum in klin is any old furniture that once graced this apartment...I found this photo in a website unrelated to our Forum...

Albert Gasparo

Kotomin House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Historical background of the Literary Cafe once known as Leiner's 18 Nevsky Prospeckt....frequented not only by Tchaikovsky but also by such literary lights as Pushkin, Lermontov and well as is a historical landmark on its own right...built in 1738 and renovated in is one of the oldest buildings in St 1877 Leiner opened up a restaurant at this site on the second floor....earlier the building had housed a Confectionary Shop and a Chinese Cafe in its many changes during its history...on October 20/November 2 1893 Tchaikovsky visted here with his friends for an after theatre dinner in which he had macaroni, white wine and mineral water....he returned home a short distance away with his brother about 1 am...the night before his fateful illness....

Albert Gasparo

File:Literary Cafe - St. Petersburg.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Another view of the Literary cafe....formerly Leiner's Restaurant.....

Albert Gasparo

File:Literary Cafe -SP (interior).JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Interior of the Literary Cafe....

Albert Gasparo

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